Cuties and Hotties for yoo-daesy

To the amazing mind behind Conan!Jae and Samurai!Youngjae: I’m so glad I still have a second chance to celebrate the day you came to the world. Happy Birthday, Daisy, my senpai and chingu! We have been talking since last year and you’ve given me so much happiness and brought my wildest fantasies to life. You are one of the best brainboxes I have ever known. Your edits are so hilarious and you’ll always have a special spot in my heart. This is nothing compared to all the wonderful things you’ve given me and I hope you know that I am always thankful for you and I love you. Stay amazing!

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go vote for the babes

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yjayo: #tomybabyzzzzz

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youngjae fanboy. cr. @yooooooyoungjae

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Trading Group Photocard (Excuse Me Japan) for Youngjae (Excuse Me Japan) 

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Just so done with daejae….ㄱㅅㄱ

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Youngjae answered a Question on Official Japanese mobile site: “I don’t wear pyjamas anymore”



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Wealth never felt so good
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